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  • Neurodiverse Couple Therapy: A Practical Guide to Brain-Informed Care


    This inclusive and comprehensive manual equips marriage and family therapists with the skills to identify, support, and provide Brain-Informed Care to neurodiverse couples. 

    Written from Murgado-Willard’s unique perspective as a neurodivergent couple therapist, this book:

    Addresses a knowledge gap in the couple counseling field

    Helps therapists develop and maintain an ethical standard of care for neurodiverse couples

    Introduces a new style of couple therapy for use in private practice settings: Brain-Informed Neurodiverse Couple Therapy (BINCT)

    Chapters begin by providing some historical context of neurodiversity before offering invaluable training on best practices, assessment, treatment planning, and using non-ableist, practical interventions for this population. Case studies that present a variety of sexual identities are featured throughout as well as a glossary of key terms and checklists that therapists can use immediately in their practice.

    This book aims to implement a paradigm shift in the field and is essential reading for therapy students. It is invaluable reading for practicing therapists that did not receive training on working with neurodiverse clients.

    Podcast featuring Kelli Willard, LMFT. “Everyone’s Brain is Different.”

    Kelli Murgado-Willard, MA LMFT

    As a pro-neurodiversity professional, Kelli has enjoyed being an energetic partner in the online therapy room for many years. She’s a Gifted ADHDer with sensory processing differences and other colorful brain qualities. Her neurodiverse family includes two Twice Exceptional (2e) children, a bright orange bearded dragon, two cats, and a small parrot. 

    Her current focus has recently shifted away from working directly with clients and instead towards training therapists. She dreams of world where competent, compassionate pro-neurodiversity professionals are readily available for all who need support. 

    Kelli loves the Lord and often integrates Christian principles in her work. She holds a MA in Marriage & Family Therapy from Richmont Graduate University with a specialization in Christian Sex Therapy. She is a Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (AAMFT), a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of Georgia, and a published author