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    1 Day Live Online Coaching Retreat for ADD/ADHD Moms

    You’re not a broken neurotypical mom. You’re an ADD/ADHD mom. And you are enough!

    1. Do you love your kids, but frequently feel overwhelmed by motherhood?
    2. Do you alternate between ADD/ADHD hyper-focus and burnout?
    3. Are you often consumed by guilt because “every other mom has has it together” except you?

    You’re not alone. Kelli knows the challenge of mothering with a brain difference — she’s an ADHDer herself with sensory processing challenges and other colorful brain qualities. She designed this 1 Day Live Online Coaching Retreat for ADD/ADHD Moms to educate, encourage, and empower you…all from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

    This is so much more than just another overpriced self-help plan. Rather than making sky-high promises to organize your life in five easy steps, this retreat offers creative, practical, and creative opportunities for relaxation and self-reflection. You’re invited to slow down, see yourself and your amazing brain with new eyes, identify and capitalize on your unique strengths, face your challenges, and bond with other moms learning to do the same.

    Your $200 registration fee for the 1 Day Live Online Coaching Retreat for ADD/ADHD Moms experience includes:

    1. 3 hours (with breaks!) of thoughtful video conferencing discussions mixed with interesting coaching exercises, led by Kelli. We’ll cover such topics as: Mom is a Person, Mom’s Brain Matters, Breathing is Possible, etc. There’s always a limit of 5 moms per online retreat day to keep things comfortable. Yes, we’ll use video. But, yes, you can wear your favorite pajamas. This is a judgment free zone.
    2. Exclusive lifetime access to a private, strength-based email newsletter to help you optimize your ADD/ADHD for the long haul. This monthly newsletter gives curated content such as videos, articles, and other helpful resources for a steady stream of ADD/ADHD mom encouragement.
    3. If you’d like to begin 1:1 online ADD/ADHD Mom coaching with Kelli, participation in the retreat qualifies you for a permanent discount on all future coaching sessions.

    Live video conferencing allows Kelli to offer this 1 Day Live Online Coaching Retreat for ADD/ADHD Moms as an experience for participants all around the world! Please note, however, that the language spoken will be English and any times given will use Eastern Time (ET).

    Groups are forming now! 2021 dates are to be determined! Call or email today to set up a brief screening to see if this online retreat is right for you.