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    Christian Sex Therapy

    If sexual issues are preventing closeness between you and your partner, you may want to consider Christian sex therapy.

    How does Christian sex therapy work?

    It’s normal for you and your partner to feel a bit uncomfortable when bringing up intimate subjects — especially in front of a professional. Kelli seeks to create a warm, confidential online therapy environment with clear boundaries. This helps both parties feel more comfortable sharing their concerns.

    Christian sex therapy integrates Biblical principles with the latest psychological and medical research regarding desire differences in men and women, healthy sexual functioning, and relationship counseling techniques. While this type of therapy focuses on the physical intimacy between two people in a relationship, the emotional experience of each partner is equally important.

    Couples are invited to explore, at their own pace, any sexual myths, unrealistic expectations, painful past experiences, neurocognitive or physical disabilities, sensory challenges, chronic health conditions, or body image issues that may be impacting their sex life. In addition to the nonsexual communication exercises offered in session, specialized behavioral assignments (sensate focus) may be introduced as homework for couples to complete on their own in between sessions.

    Specific goals may include:

    • Learning to increase mindfulness and reduce anxiety/distractions
    • Learning to prioritize both nonsexual and sexual touch
    • Learning to communicate sexual preferences in a respectful manner
    • Learning to freely say “yes” and “no” to each other without fear of how the other will react
    • Learning creative ways to experience pleasure together when brain differences, disability, or chronic illness is part of the equation
    • Eliminating painful intercourse

    Kelli wants you to know that you aren’t alone in having sexual problems…therapy can help!