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    Live Online Pre-Marital & Live Online Pre-Engagement Counseling

    1. Are you engaged?
    2. Are you thinking about getting engaged?

    Congratulations! Being proactive instead of reactive in your relationship is a major factor in maintaining mental health and happiness.

    If you’re engaged, attending Live Online Pre-Marital Counseling can set you up with the individual and relationship skills you’ll need for longterm marital success. If you’re considering getting engaged, attending Live Online Pre-Engagement Counseling can give you a space to wisely work through any questions or concerns you have about taking your relationship to the next level.

    Using her PREPARE® Certification, Kelli has carefully designed a Six Session Live Online Pre-Marital or Pre-Engagement Counseling Package to best meet the needs of your heart — and your wallet. But the support doesn’t stop there. Completion of this program allows you to receive a discount at the courthouse when you apply for your marriage license. And, there’s even a FREE follow-up session after the wedding!

    Christian Sex Therapy

    1. Do you feel your spouse doesn’t desire you anymore? Or, have you lost desire for your spouse?
    2. Are you or your spouse experiencing physical discomfort (sensory, genital, or other) with sex?
    3. Are painful past memories, body image struggles, or other concerns affecting your intimacy?
    4. Are you too exhausted from parenting or other caregiving to even have the energy for sex?
    5. Are you or your spouse disabled? Do you need support to create flexible, creative solutions for your sex life?

    You’re not alone! Sexual concerns are common in marriage. Kelli is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapy with a MA and Specialization in Christian Sex Therapy from Richmont Graduate University. She has 12 years experience working with couples, taking great care to create an online therapy atmosphere characterized by mutual respect, boundaries, and warmth.

    Christian Sex Therapy is available to married couples upon request and when deemed therapeutically appropriate. Clients are invited to set their own intimacy goals, dialoguing about their sexual intimacy concerns at their own pace.

    This type of therapy is also available to female clients seeking individual therapy for such goals as: ending pornography use, healing from past sexual hurts, recovering from negative body image struggles, recovering from codependency, etc.

    Neurodiverse Couple Counseling

    1. Are you in a relationship where one partner is neurodivergent (ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s/Autistic, etc.) and the other partner is neurotypical?
    2. Do you get stuck in the same arguments over and over again?
    3. Are you and your partner total opposites, wondering if you can ever get on the same page?
    4. Have you experienced rejection when asking for a different level of emotional or physical intimacy in your relationship?

    In neurodiverse couple therapy, you’ll each learn how to clearly identify and communicate your own thoughts and feelings. You’ll learn to set healthy expectations for yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

    Kelli explains complex interpersonal dynamics in a way that helps make mental health challenges and relationship problems more manageable.

    Clients can get to know themselves, their partner, and their specific relationship goals much better in just a few sessions! But, clients often choose to stay in neurodiverse couple therapy longer to work on bigger goals with the support of a trained counselor.

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