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    Neurodivergent? A Self-Discovery Guidebook

    1. Are you a parent wondering about your own brain differences after your child was recently diagnosed?
    2. Are you an adult wondering how to better understand and make peace with your brain qualities?

    Kelli is currently writing the book she wished was available to her when she had these questions. She’s a grown-up Gifted kid diagnosed as an ADHDer with sensory processing differences in her late 30s. She understands firsthand how important, and challenging, the neurodivergent identity formation journey can be.

    Neurodivergent? A Self-Discovery Guidebook offers a simple, step-by-step process to jumpstart your path to self-awareness, confidence, and interpersonal success! 

    You may be asking yourself deep questions:

    1. Am I neurodivergent? 
    2. Do I want to see ADD/ADHD, Aspergers/autism, dyslexia, etc. as part of my identity?
    3. How does the idea of neurodiversity and disability match up with my Christian faith?

    You may also have more everyday concerns:

    1. Will I ever be able to set and reach my life goals?
    2. How can I maintain healthy relationships?
    3. How can I be good parent when I’m so overwhelmed?

    Kelli’s workbook invites you to slow down and learn about your brain and the relationship you’ve formed with it. Doing this work, on your own or with a therapist, can powerfully equip you towards personal growth and interpersonal success.

    If you’d like to receive updates on the workbook, including information on pre-orders and group workshop experiences, feel free to contact us to be added to our waitlist!